Dividends4Life: Hot Dividend Stocks: The 3 Best Opportunities for Passive Income Investing

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As the broader stock rally broadens to some of the more “boring” corners of the market, it’s the higher-yielding dividend plays that could stand to move higher from current levels. Of course, not all dividend stocks stand to benefit as the American economy looks to head face-first into a soft landing at the hands of the Federal Reserve. Some of the dividend players just seem better equipped to navigate remaining macro headwinds. And in this piece, we’ll look at three such names.

Dividend stocks could warrant more attention as investors look to reward more than just the market’s growth darlings: AT&T (T): The latest rally in the stock may not be just another bull trap, as the firm does its best to turn things around. CVS (CVS): The managed health scene looks primed for a big comeback as fallen industry players look to gain again. McDonald’s (MCD): Don’t let the latest dud quarter cause you to give up on the fast-food champ. Revamped menu items and a commitment to lower costs could be enough to power shares.

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