Dividends4Life: High Yield Stocks to Consider Now

High Yield Stocks to Consider Now

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Approximately once per month I run a high-yield momentum screen using the free service on Finviz and post the results. Returns for the last month were 3.31% including dividends (2.52% before dividends) versus 3.23% for SPY and .19% for SDY, the S&P Dividend ETF. Once again he top performing stock from last month's list was Qwest Communications (Q) returning 7.95% excluding its $.08 dividend while Pepco Holdings (POM) was the worst performing at -3.45% (excluding its $.27 dividend). The strategy has done well this year and is one I continue to track because of its promise. In recent months I have also done a variation of this strategy with the Dividend Champions list in which I only search stocks that have had a history of raising dividends for 25+ years.

The screen looks for high yielding high momentum stocks. I screen the S&P 500 for stocks yielding greater than 4% and then ranked them by 6 month returns. There were 54 results (versus 55 last month) and per a previous article (see below for explanation), the highest momentum, high yield stocks have historically been the best performing so I have listed the top 20% based on 6 month returns, or 11 stocks.

Source: Scott's Investments

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