Dividends4Life: GE's Second Dividend Hike

GE's Second Dividend Hike

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GE's announcement of a 17% dividend hike on top of their 20% hike earlier this year was the topic of lively discussion at our investment policy meeting on Monday. We all agreed that on the surface the news was good for GE and stocks in general, but several committee members voiced a surprising concern.

We were surprised and delighted by GE's second dividend hike, and because GE is so large and so broadly diversified across the US economy, we believe many other companies may also be experiencing better-than-expected results. The surprising concern that arose in our discussions was the possible negative implications of the dividend news. Two of us voiced the concern that because Jeffrey Immelt, GE CEO, has become so unpopular among many investors and analysts, the dividend hikes may only be his attempt to win favor with his constituents. This line of thinking didn't go far because one of the committee members reminded us that CEOs don't dictate dividend policy. That authority belongs to the board of directors.

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