Dividends4Life: Screening for Equity Income

Screening for Equity Income

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Like many investors, you may be searching for portfolio income outside of the realm of bonds. Equity income is a reasonable place to look. Cash provides negligible income and is losing money in real terms after inflation, modest though it may be. Bonds have begun to turn negative and the prospects of bonds rising in price dims further each day. Very possibly, one good place to find income now is in higher yielding stocks that might serve as bond substitutes for part of your portfolio.

We've been accumulating high yield dividend stocks for months now as we see a necessary rotation and allocation away from bonds. Dividends have the general probability of rising over time, whereas traditional bond coupons don't. Dividends can and do decline or get suspended altogether in some circumstances, so it is important to look for long and consistent patterns of dividend payment, and to diversify among industries.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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