Dividends4Life: 3 Under-$100 Dividend Stocks to Add to Your April Buy List

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Passive income brings joy. Making your money work for you allows for capital gains upon selling investments. However, not all investments will make you money, and smart investors know caution is recommended when choosing stocks. Passive income investors wisely look out for dividend stocks, identifying companies with strong records of dividend payments, stable balance sheets and steady cash flows. So, if you have limited cash on hand and are looking for dividend stocks under $100, explore these three top picks...

Learn to generate passive income by grabbing these healthy dividend stocks. Walmart (WMT): Walmart’s aggressive expansion into e-commerce will boost financials. Coca-Cola (KO): A global conglomerate, Coca-Cola’s rich legacy and its dividend payouts are among the best in the industry. Morgan Stanley (MS): Growing its wealth management business, the firm hikes dividends steadily over the past decade.

Source: InvestorPlace

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