Dividends4Life: Could These 3 Ultrahigh-Yield Stocks Help You Retire a Millionaire?

Becoming a millionaire by the time you retire isn't out of reach. For example, investing $300 each month into an equal-weight S&P 500 index fund should grow into $1 million in about 41 years (assuming a 7.7% average annual total return, which it has delivered over the last 50 years). You could become a millionaire even faster if you invest more money each month or find higher-returning investments. For example, dividend-paying stocks have historically delivered a 9.2% average annual total return. That rate of return could grow the same $300 monthly investment into $1 million in about 36 years.

W. P. Carey (WPC), NNN REIT (NNN), and Crown Castle (CCI) stand out for their dividend-paying capabilities. All offer dividend yields above 5%, which is several times above the S&P 500's current average of around 1.5%. Here's a look at whether that could help make their investors millionaires by the time they retire.

Source: Motley Fool

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