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Dividend Stocks With A Quick Payback

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Payback is the amount of time needed for an investment to earn its cost, undiscounted. For example, if you buy a dividend stock for $100 that pays a $5 annual dividend, the payback is 20 years (100/5). Though not very sophisticated, payback can still help you screen for good, solid dividend growth stocks. When applying this concept to dividend growth stocks, the calculation is a little more complicated than the simple example above due to the annual dividend increases. Nothing that can’t be quickly modeled in a spreadsheet.

Companies with a very short payback are often troubled or have been highly discounted due to the market’s lack of faith in them. At the other extreme, do you really want to wait 30, 40 or 50 years to earn back your initial investment? As a compromise, a 9 to 13 year payback should be acceptable for most long-term investors.

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