Dividends4Life: 7 Dividend Stocks to Buy for Income and Upside

7 Dividend Stocks to Buy for Income and Upside

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Investors buy dividend stocks for a few reasons. For one, they provide income via dividends that act as a bonus on top of capital appreciation over time. It’s always nice to see the stock prices of companies in your portfolio rise. To then get an extra few percentage points of performance through dividends is an added bonus. Second, firms that pay dividends tend to be more stable. They also tend to grow over time in a relatively predictable manner. It’s a simple but powerful combination that has served investors well and will continue to serve them well. What’s also nice is that in these inflationary times, dividends serve to blunt the effects of rising prices. Here are seven of the best dividend stocks to buy, for those seeking both income and upside in this current market.

Investors will always seek out dividend stocks that offer excellent total returns, such as these: Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure (SOI): Solaris is managing its business well, and returning cash to its investors. Valero (VLO): Valero is adjusting nicely following a record 2022. Public Storage (PSA): The argument favoring this storage player is simple, yet powerful. Recall a recent trip to the supermarket and you’ll understand why PepsiCo (NYSE:PEP) is a buy. High prices and high demand for its products have resulted in continued strong earnings for the firm. Kraft Heinz (NYSE:KHC) is another food producer stock investors should consider for its dividend and growth profile, although its narrative is different from that for Pepsi. It’s currently a great time to make a bet on Pfizer (NYSE:PFE). Brookfield Renewable (NYSE:BEPC) is something of a hybrid between utility stock and green energy growth stock.

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