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The 7 Best Forever Stocks to Buy

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A few investments may enjoy moonshot gains. However, the vast majority of your portfolio could suffer losses. That’s why acquiring high-potential forever stocks offer relevancy in practically any market cycle. More importantly in my view, the economy might not be as strong as advertised. Sure, employment figures are up but so too is the unemployment rate. Also, Americans are carrying a record level of household debt. Should circumstances go awry, most folks might not have the wherewithal to adjust. Therefore, buy long-term stocks because you really don’t know what might happen next.

Hold onto these supremely relevant ideas: Honeywell (HON): Honeywell is a combo of the predictable and the innovative. ASML (ASML): ASML represents a critical cog in the semiconductor space. Microsoft (MSFT): Microsoft continues to make its presence known. It’s quite possible that AbbVie (NYSE:ABBV) may be the most creative take for the best forever stocks to buy. If you want to buy long-term stocks that organically represent their own pitch person, NextEra Energy (NYSE:NEE) sure makes a compelling case. Okay, after speaking so lovingly about ESG and the renewable energy space specifically, we’ve got to discuss Chevron (NYSE:CVX). Given that the context of this discussion centers on investors seeking to buy long-term stocks, such individuals should consider NuScale Power (NYSE:SMR).

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