Dividends4Life: How to Maximize Your Retirement Portfolio with These Top-Ranked Dividend Stocks

Here's a revealing data point: older Americans are scared more of outliving wealth than of death itself. And retirees have good reason to be worried about making their assets last. People are living longer, so that money has to cover a longer period. Making matters worse, income generated using tried-and-true retirement planning approaches may not cover expenses these days. That means seniors must dip into principal to meet living expenses.

Here are three dividend-paying stocks retirees should consider for their nest egg portfolio: Ameren (AEE) is currently shelling out a dividend of $0.63 per share, with a dividend yield of 3.1%. This compares to the Utility - Electric Power industry's yield of 3.42% and the S&P 500's yield of 1.74%. The company's annualized dividend growth in the past year was 6.78%. Autoliv, Inc. (ALV) is paying out a dividend of $0.66 per share at the moment, with a dividend yield of 3.11% compared to the Automotive - Original Equipment industry's yield of 0% and the S&P 500's yield. The annualized dividend growth of the company was 3.13% over the past year. Currently paying a dividend of $0.44 per share, Axis Capital (AXS) has a dividend yield of 3.3%. This is compared to the Insurance - Property and Casualty industry's yield of 0.5% and the S&P 500's current yield. Annualized dividend growth for the company in the past year was 2.33%.

Source: Zacks

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