Dividends4Life: 7 Blue-Chip Stocks That Pay You Monthly Dividends

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Companies pay quarterly or monthly and investors therefore have a reliable and predictable asset. Those dividends also buffer the volatility of downward trending markets. A portfolio with a significant portion of dividend bearing stocks simply doesn’t fall as much as one with fewer dividends in difficult markets. Again, that’s especially enticing with recession predictions increasing. That said, high-yield dividends, especially those paid monthly, can be traps and are at risk of ceasing payments in unpredictable fashion. Nevertheless, here are a few monthly dividend stocks to consider.

Income Realty (NYSE:O) is a company that very clearly wants to be known as a stock paying a monthly dividend. Readers will inherently understand the risk in Orchid Island Capital (NYSE:ORC) stock once they understand that it invests in leveraged residential mortgage-backed securities. Phillips Edison & Co. (NASDAQ:PECO) is another REIT stock that operates primarily in the shopping center space. Companies that invest in farmland real estate like Gladstone Land Corp. (NASDAQ:LAND) have garnered a lot of attention of late from investors. PermRock Royalty Trust (NYSE:PRT), as you likely guessed by its name, operates as a royalty income trust in the energy business. Royalty income trusts trade like stocks and generate income for investors based on the performance of their underlying assets. Apple Hospitality REIT (NYSE:APLE), in addition to its monthly dividend, has a lot of positive factors on its side. Investors remain skittish about financial stocks like Gladstone Capital (NASDAQ:GLAD), and rightly so. The economy seems to be worsening and the banking system’s recent problems only worsen overall trust.

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