Dividends4Life: 5 Cheap Dividend Stocks Yielding Up To 10.3%

Today we'll talk dividend deals. Big payers. Stocks yielding up to 10.3% and trading for as little as three-times free cash flow (FCF). That's right--3X FCF! Profits are Fake, Cash Flow is Real. Wall Street accountants can "adjust" just about every number in a 10-Q. "Adjusted earnings." "Adjusted EBITDA." Heck, I've even seen "adjusted revenues." But it's next to impossible to "adjust" cash. Cash flow is, well, cash flow.

Let's look at five dividend stocks, yielding up to 10.3%, that are cheap based on two important metrics: PEG, and forward-looking price-to-free cash flow (P/FCF): Whirlpool (WHR) Dividend Yield: 5.0% Forward P/FCF: 3.6 PEG: 0.98; Travel + Leisure (TNL) Dividend Yield: 4.7% Forward P/FCF: 7.8 PEG: 0.32; Nordstrom (JWN) Dividend Yield: 5.1% Forward P/FCF: 3.0 PEG: 0.69; Griffon Corporation (GFF) Dividend Yield: 8.4% Forward P/FCF: 6.7 PEG: 0.60; Coterra Energy (CTRA) Dividend Yield: 10.3% Forward P/FCF: 5.1 PEG: 0.19;

Source: NASDAQ

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