Dividends4Life: Want $1,200 In Yearly Dividend Income? Invest $17,500 In This 1 Ultra-High-Yield Dividend Stock

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American business magnate John D. Rockefeller reportedly once said that the only thing that brought him pleasure was seeing his dividends come in. Most people will hopefully be able to find additional sources of joy in life, but having a steady stream of dividend income can certainly make things more pleasant. If you'd like to generate more than $1,200 in annual dividend income with a $17,500 investment in just one stock, read on for a look at this top income-investment opportunity. It could even deliver significantly better returns on the stock purchase.

Income investors on the hunt for value stocks with big dividends and solid underlying businesses should check out Verizon Communications (VZ 0.06%). The company stands as the U.S.'s largest wireless service provider, and the roughly 7% dividend yield on its stock offers attractive income generation. With a $17,500 investment, those buying the stock would earn roughly $1,200 annually through dividend payments based on the current yield. Verizon pays out its dividend on a quarterly basis, so shareholders can earn just over $300 every three months as a reward for taking a buy-and-hold approach with the stock's current payout. It's likely that income generation will continue to climb above that level.

Source: Motley Fool

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