Dividends4Life: Want to Get Richer? 2 Dividend Stocks to Buy Now and Hold Forever

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The quick rise in interest rates over the past year turned investor sentiment toward REITs negative. Higher interest rates make it harder for REITs to borrow money to purchase or develop properties. They also make bonds and other high-yielding securities that investors might consider instead more enticing. Considering each of these companies' financial strengths and the recession-resistant nature of healthcare companies, I think their stocks are undervalued, particularly if the rate of interest rate hikes continues to slow. Here's why these two dividend stocks are worth buying and holding forever.

These healthcare real estate investment trusts offer dividend yields of 5% or more: Physicians Realty Trust (DOC -0.35%) and Global Medical REIT (GMRE -0.78%) are real estate investment trusts (REITs) that deliver a nice combination of revenue growth and dividends yielding above 5%. Despite these positives, both REITs are facing some pressure at the moment.

Source: Motley Fool

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