Dividends4Life: 3 Dividend-Paying Financial Stocks for a Strong Portfolio

Indeed, 2008 shook investors’ confidence in this sector. While it doesn’t appear like we’re on the brink of yet another financial calamity, it’s in investors’ minds. Additionally, the reality that banks are cyclical, and perform better in bull markets, is something to be contended with for long-term investors looking to buy this space right now. That said, there are reasons to consider dividend-paying financial stocks right now. These companies have stable cash flows, which support their dividend payments over time. They’re also deeply embedded in the economy. Thus, they should perform in line with the market over the long term.

Dividend-paying financial stocks are a great place for long-term investors to hide right now. With that said, here are three top dividend-paying stocks to buy right now: Bank of America (BAC): Bank of America’s primary revenue source comes from its consumer banking operations. JPMorgan (JPM): Thanks to its strong financial position, the largest bank in the United States is well-equipped to continue offering lucrative returns to its shareholders. Goldman Sachs (GS): Goldman Sachs is a financial institution with a worldwide presence that offers various financial services to its customers.

Source: InvestorPlace

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