Dividends4Life: 3 Great Dividend Stocks You Can Buy for Less Than $50

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Dividends can be an underrated source of income for investors. With so much volatility in the stock market right now, it can be comforting to invest in companies that'll reward you in dividends regardless of how their stock prices perform. Here are three great dividend stocks you can buy right now for less than $50.

After trying to buy its way into the media and entertainment industry, it seems the best things AT&T (NYSE: T) has done to help its business are admitting defeat and returning to prioritizing its core telecom business. Buffett has long been a Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) investor, owning more than a billion shares and almost 13% of the company. Part of the reason: Its reliable dividend. Altria (NYSE: MO) reigns supreme. But its recent struggles have been well documented, and the company is trying to find its footing after the failed billion-dollar Juul experience.

Source: NASDAQ

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