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It's a bloodbath out there. The S&P 500 fell another 1.6% last week. Now, the benchmark index consisting of the largest publicly traded stocks traded on U.S. markets is down a stunning 24.8% since the end of 2021. With stock prices tanking left and right, investors looking for stocks to buy are increasingly interested in ones that can deliver reliable streams of passive income. There are a lot of options, but not all can be expected to both make and steadily raise their payouts year after year.

These three giants of the healthcare sector have been making and raising their payout for a long time. Here's why their best days could still be in front of them. Most of us are familiar with CVS Health's (CVS) enormous chain of retail pharmacies and medical clinics. What you probably don't realize is that the pharmacies you see are just a small part of this healthcare conglomerate's increasingly profitable operation. Abbott Laboratories (ABT) is a healthcare conglomerate that offers a 1.9% yield at the moment. This isn't the sort of dividend yield that gets investors' blood pumping right now but it could get a lot bigger in a few years. Up until 2013, AbbVie (ABBV) was Abbott Laboratories' biopharmaceutical segment. It spun off to shield Abbott from the impending loss of revenue from Humira. This is an injectable anti-inflammation drug used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and related conditions.

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