Dividends4Life: 7 Water Stocks With the Highest Dividends to Buy Now

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And like many commodity stocks, a key reason to invest in water stocks is their reliable dividends. In volatile markets, it’s always a good idea to invest in companies that pay you to own their stocks. And then, there’s the current “risk-off” environment. In light of all of these factors, you can see why water stocks with dividends are in a sweet spot between growth and value. Many of these stocks are outperforming the market simply because of the laws of supply and demand. So if you’re looking for some income during your retirement or you just want to find some stocks to combat the market’s current volatility, here are seven water stocks that are worth a look.

As a water crisis emerges, water stocks are hitting a sweet spot between growth and value. American Water Works (AWK) doesn’t have the most impressive yield, but it has a generous payout. Essential Utilities (WTRG) is a dividend aristocrat with a strong balance sheet and exposure to the natural gas market. American States Water Company (AWR) is a dividend king that is one of the leading utility providers in California. Mueller Industries (MLI) is a picks-and-shovel play that features an attractive valuation and a rock-solid balance sheet. Gorman-Rupp (GRC) – This company fills a specific niche that will keep its revenue, earnings, and dividend steady. O. Smith (AOS) – The company is making inroads into international markets that should ensure the stability of its dividend. Xylem (XYL) – This under-the-radar water stock is attempting to improve our country’s aging infrastructure.

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