Dividends4Life: These Dividend Stocks Can Double Your Money in Under 10 Years

Dividend-paying stocks can provide excellent options for older investors looking to build steady income streams as they head into retirement. While such companies tend to not be great candidates to become 10-baggers in the next decade when it comes to stock price appreciation, they can provide solid returns many have the potential to double your cost basis within 10 years. That might not seem like a great return, but it can be precisely what a retiree needs, and investing in these stocks also reduces the level of unnecessary risk in a portfolio.

Here are three dividend-paying stocks that could double your money in under 10 years, either through price appreciation, dividend growth, or both. Electronic Arts (EA) is generating plenty of free cash flow growth to fund increased dividends over time. The Hershey Company's (HSY) brand power keeps the free cash flowing to fund consistent dividend hikes. PepsiCo's (PEP) dividend has steadily risen over the last decade as Pepsi has grown and acquired new brands.

Source: Motley Fool

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