Dividends4Life: 10% Yield, Double-Digit 2022 Growth, Rising Rate Vehicle

Ever wish you could invest like the big boys, and get a slice of that high yield Venture Capital action? Well, it's not just another Walter Mitty daydream - you can do this, via investing in certain Business Development Companies, BDC's. This BDC yields 10.5%, with strong dividend coverage of 1.17X in 2022.Net Investment Income grew 43%, Total Investment Income rose 36%, and NII/Share rose 42% so far in 2022. Its Price/NII earnings valuation is much cheaper than the BDC industry avg.

BDC's offer retail investors high yield exposure to private companies, and some of them, like TriplePoint Venture Growth (NYSE:TPVG) focus on companies which are already backed by other venture capital firms. TPVG is an internally managed BDC, founded in 2005. It's headquartered on Sand Hill Road in Silicon Valley, with regional offices in New York City, San Francisco, and Boston. Since inception, TPVG has committed over $10B to 900+ companies throughout the world.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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