Dividends4Life: 7 Safe Dividend Stocks to Buy for a Bear Market

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When trouble hits, the first instinct is to run but if you insist on holding your ground, you might want to consider pivoting your funds toward safe dividend stocks to buy. With the broader economic framework incentivizing stability over growth potential, investors are better served focusing on profitable companies that are able to reward their shareholders with consistent passive income.

Fundamentally, when the Fed raises borrowing costs, the net effect is deflationary. Spending diminishes, resulting in households eschewing discretionary purchases for the necessities. In this environment, it’s the most established businesses that generally perform well, which is great news for safe dividend stocks to buy: DG Dollar General Corporation,V Visa Inc., ALL The Allstate Corporation, UNH UnitedHealth Group Incorporated, EOG EOG Resources, Inc., MCD McDonald’s Corporation and AVGO Broadcom Inc.

Source: Oil and Gas 360

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