Dividends4Life: 2 Dividend Stocks That Had a Record Year and Are Just Getting Started

Through wars and recessions, terrorist attacks and pandemics, dividend stocks as a category have always generated positive returns, even during the so-called "lost decade" of the 2000s when the dot-com bubble burst, 9/11 happened, and the financial markets brought down the housing market. Through it all, dividend stocks returned 1.8% for investors while the S&P 500 generated negative returns. The following two income stocks have been having a banner year of their own in 2022, and there could be more to come...

Cereal maker General Mills (GIS) just reported fiscal fourth-quarter results that handily trounced Wall Street expectations. Profits doubled from a year ago, leading it to hike its dividend by 6% to $0.54 per share. The payout is currently yielding 2.9% annually. Pets aren't the only business to hold up well during a downturn. Tobacco stocks also survive troubled times as people continue to smoke. And while a secular trend is seeing more people quit each year, there remain tens of millions of people who still do so globally. British American Tobacco (BTI) is a prime beneficiary.

Source: Motley Fool

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