Dividends4Life: The Best Dividend Stock Nobody is Talking About

The best dividend stock nobody is talking about is an undervalued, high-dividend chemical company poised to grow at an exponential rate. With a gross profit margin of 36.4% — among other high markers — it is considered more profitable than 84% of other publicly traded companies. Its gross margin is 35.8% higher than the industry average of 26.8%, and this sharp difference continues further when we analyze operating margin.

The company we’re talking about is Westlake Chemical (NYSE:WLKP), of Houston. Westlake Chemical operates primarily in the United States and uses its operating interests through Westlake Chemical OpCo. Through OpCo, the company invests in and acquires ethylene production facilities, which it uses to convert ethane into usable ethylene. In addition to ethylene, OpCo also sells propylene, crude butadiene, hydrogen and pyrolysis gasoline to Westlake and other United States companies.

Source: Dividend Investor

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