Dividends4Life: 3 Picks For More Dividends At Big Discounts

3 Picks For More Dividends At Big Discounts

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We've got 3 picks with dividend yields from 7.5% to 13.1%. Each share also has a significant discount to either projected current book value or to call value. We picked up shares in two of these investments to ramp up our dividend yield and capture the significant upside.

I’ve got three picks to share with investors today. The first is New York Mortgage Trust (NYMT). This is one of the higher risk mortgage REITs, but it’s worth mentioning. Shares trade at a significant discount to book value. Don’t like the common share angle on NYMT? How about moving up in the capital stack. I’m happy using the preferred shares. NYMTZ (NYMTZ) offers investors a massive 8.63% stripped yield. I’ll toss in another preferred share pick for investors who want the floating rate. MFA-C (MFA.PC) at $21.49 also offers a substantial amount of upside to call value. If shares get called when the call protection ends and floating rates kick in (on 3/31/2025), the yield to call would’ve been 13.1%.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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