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8% Yield With Upside, I'll Buy That

Posted by D4L | Tuesday, May 17, 2022 | | 0 comments »

We picked up two investments that carry excellent yields combined with some healthy upside in the share price. We also dropped one of our positions. Despite this being an extremely difficult period for high-yield investors, we earned over 11% in a little over a month. Why are so many investors afraid to make money? To make it even easier for you, I'm providing several alternatives that are also attractively priced. We already own most of them.

As the sector remains wild with far more price volatility than fundamentals can justify, we continue to bring ideas for investors. In this piece I want to share one of our latest trades for the sector. This trade enabled us to capture a healthy gain, but it also let us redeploy the capital into some great shares that were thrown on the sale rack. Trades Placed: Sold all 373 shares of Ares Capital (ARCC) at $22.3745 per share. Purchased 591 shares of MFA-B (MFA.PB) at $23.7144 per share. Purchased 163 shares of MFA-C (MFA.PC) at $22.1163 per share.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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