Dividends4Life: 3 Short Lessons in Dividend Investing From the Greatest Investors of All Time

Three short lessons in dividend investing from the greatest investors of all time share valuable tips from Warren Buffett and others who earned places on the list. These investors have been around for decades, weathering the storms of economic fallout and trying to take advantage of any opportunity that came their way. This article focuses on three short lessons in dividend investing from these great investors to let those who are interested study what they did right and learn from anything they initially did wrong.

Grace Groner was a lesser-known investor who embodied the principle of buy, hold and reinvest. She was not a fund manager and had little financial training, but Groner worked as a secretary at Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT) for 43 years. Early in her career in 1935, she invested $180 in three shares of Abbott. She never sold and instead opted to reinvest all of her dividends. After 75 years, she had $7 million. Lesson 1: Reinvest your Dividend Income, Lesson 2: Make Reliable Investments and Lesson 3: Ignore Short-term Fluctuations

Source: Dividend Investor

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