Dividends4Life: 7 Dividend Stocks to Gift to Your Kids (Or Grandkids)

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There’s no doubt that quality growth stocks have been pretty reliable long-term stocks. But times are changing and that’s why it’s always smart to have some rock-solid dividend stocks in your portfolio. Just as reminder of what life is like at the top of markets, in the late 1990s brokers were telling their retiring and retired clients that “growth was the new income.” They encouraged their long-term, income-dependent 70 year-old clients to dump their boring, reliable dividend stocks and buy optical networking companies and dotcoms with no earnings.

In more than a decade of unparalleled market growth due to low interest rates and steady, slow growth, growth is the apparent king again. Until it isn’t. Like every other boom and bust cycle. That’s why it’s a good idea to have some investor-friendly dividend stocks that will help you grow your portfolio by simple, consistent compounding: Conagra (NYSE:CAG), Extra Space Storage (NYSE:EXR), CMS Energy (NYSE:CMS), Hormel (NYSE:HRL), Interpublic Group (NYSE:IPG), Regions Financial (NYSE:RF) and Fidelity National Financial (NYSE:FNF).

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