Dividends4Life: 5% Yield, Strong Q3 '21 Growth

5% Yield, Strong Q3 '21 Growth

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If you're looking for tech-related dividends, there may be one high dividend stock which is hiding under a mountain. This stock yields 5.27%, with an improved 77% AFFO payout ratio. It has outperformed its sector, sub-sector and the market over the past year, month, and in 2021. Valuations, profitability, debt and price targets are covered in this article.

Iron Mountain (IRM) was founded by Herman Knaust. In 1936, he "bought the original Iron Mountain site - a depleted iron ore mine with 100 acres of land - where he started a mushroom farm. Knaust’s decision in 1945 to sponsor the relocation of many Jewish immigrants - who lost identities via missing personal records during WWII - into the United States is what spurred the idea to start protecting vital information from wars or other disasters in his mines."

Source: Seeking Alpha

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