Dividends4Life: 7% Yield, Steady Monthly Payouts With Upside Potential

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Looking for steady income from a different asset type? Maybe you should consider convertible bonds, which not only offer investors steady income, but can also offer capital appreciation in a rising market. This one yields 7.25%. Mgt. has raised the monthly distributions by over 16% in 2021. CCD's convertible bond holdings also offer capital appreciation potential that leverage the rising stock market. Distributions, Taxes, Holdings, Performance, and Pricing are all discussed in this article.

Calamos Dynamic Convertible And Income Fund (CCD) is a closed end fund which "can invest in convertibles and other fixed income securities with the aim of generating a high level of total return through a combination of capital appreciation and income. To help generate income and attempt to achieve a more favorable reward/risk profile, the fund's investment team also has the flexibility to sell options." (CCD site)

Source: Seeking Alpha

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