Dividends4Life: Two Dividend-paying Infrastructure Investments to Purchase Amid Increased Public Funding of Projects

Two dividend-paying infrastructure investments to purchase in pursuit of profits from increased public funding projects for such projects present opportunities to nd runways, among other colossal construction creations. The two dividend-paying infrastructure stocks to purchase during a government spending spree on roads, runways and other public works projects are not just aided by federal funding but local and state budgets, too.

An infrastructure stock to buy is Dallas, Texas-based Jacobs (NYSE:J), an international technical professional services firm that provides construction services, as well as scientific and specialty consulting for clients who include companies, organizations and government agencies. Even before any new federal infrastructure stimulus flows to the states, the outlook for infrastructure company Construction Partners Inc. (NYSE:ROAD), of Dothan, Alabama, is brightening in the southeastern part of the United States where Department of Transportation (DoT) budgets are expected to increase about 20% during the next 12 months. A key reason is positive demographic shifts through growth in population, housing and miles driven during the ongoing economic recovery, BoA opined.

Source: Dividend Investor

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