Dividends4Life: Billionaire John Paulson Goes Big on These 2 High-Yield Dividend Stocks

When asked about his advice for investors, Paulson has said, “The important thing in investing is to be true to your compass.” Elaborating, he adds, “The stock market goes up or down, and you can't adjust your portfolio based on the whims of the market, so you have to have a strategy in a position and stay true to that strategy and not pay attention to noise that could surround any particular investment.”

In recent months, Paulson’s family firm has made two major moves, suggesting that his compass is pointing at high-yield dividend stocks. According to TipRanks' database, these Buy-rated equities feature dividend yields of 5% to 6%, and upside potentials of at least 25%. Let’s find out what else makes them compelling choices: The first Paulson choice we’ll look at is ExxonMobil (XOM), the oil industry giant. The next Paulson buy is another oil company. BP (BP), or British Petroleum, is another of the world’s giants in the oil industry, ranked just above ExxonMobil at #5 with $230.7 billion in total revenue.

Source: Yahoo Money

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