Dividends4Life: 2 Top Dividend-Paying Clothing Companies to Invest In

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The apparel industry was brutally damaged by the COVID-19 pandemic — U.S. Census Bureau data lists it as one of the most negatively affected industries, with both the closure of malls that housed retail clothing stores and a general resistance from consumers to migrate to online clothes-shopping. The two top dividend-paying clothing companies to invest in include a casual fashion brand and a premium footwear manufacturer...

Rocky Brands Inc (NASDAQ:RCKY) is a premium footwear and apparel company headquartered in Nelsonville, Ohio, operating in a variety of business segments. The business is split into three primary categories: Wholesale, Retail and Military. Beneath these categories are a variety of individual name brands such as Rocky, Durango, Georgia Boot, Creative Recreation, Lehigh and Michelin footwear. Buckle Inc. (NYSE:BKE), of Kearney, Nebraska, is a retailer for casual apparel, footwear and accessories targeting young men and women. Its product mix is aimed at a mid-range price-point and generally caters to fashion-conscious consumers.

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