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UPDATE: About Email Delivery

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As noted in the earlier announcement, Feedburner recently announced that beginning in July 2021 they would no longer deliver content by email. We have searched for a similar service that will provide content free of charge and have been limited in what we found. The service recommend in an earlier email, RSS by email, seems to be having some problems. This possibly could be related to the number of people trying to move to it since Google announced Feedburner was shutting down. We have found the following alternative...


For those have trouble with RSS by email, I have located another free option, Feedrabbit. To use this service go to Feedrabbit.com and enter the same feed url as before:


You will be asked to enter your email address, verify your email address and set up a login. I have set up several subscriptions on Feedrabbit and all appear to be working.

RSS By Email

Here are the instructions for RSS By Email:

To subscribe to content on this website by email with RSS by email, send an email to add@rssby.email with the following as the subject and the body of the message: 

  • If your subscription is successful you will get a confirmation email.
  • You can put a UTC hour in the subject, the email will be sent at that time.
  • Emails are sent daily by default, this can be changed to weekly in a link from your feed email.
  • Feeds that have not been updated after 90 days will be automatically unsubscribed to reduce server load.
  • The feed can be unsubscribed from by sending the same RSS link used to subscribe to unsubscribe@rssby.email
My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.

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