Dividends4Life: 3 Ultra-Safe Dividend Stocks to Weather a Down Market

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One of our favorite areas to find blue-chip dividend stocks is in the utility sector. Companies in this space provide electricity, gas and water, the things that everyday life depends on. Utilities are not high-growth stocks, but they typically have very steady and consistent growth, even in a recession, as customers depend on utilities regardless of the economic environment.

While utility stocks are often a favorite of dividend growth investors due to their stability and high yields, not many are likely to be very familiar with these three. But all three names have market-beating dividend yields and long track records for dividend growth for at least 10 straight years. Investors looking for stability and income with lower volatility during market downturns, should consider these three stocks: Edison International (NYSE:EIX), Evergy (NYSE:EVRG) and Northwest Natural Holding Company (NYSE:NWN)

Source: InvestorPlace

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