Dividends4Life: 3 Water Utility Stock for Safe and Reliable Income

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Of all the places to invest, there may not be a more recession-proof sector than water stocks. Consumers need access to clean water for drinking, bathing and eating on a daily basis, regardless of the state of the economy or the world. This means that companies in the water business have a regular customer base and very consistent revenues and earnings. This great stability paves the way for water stocks to pay growing dividends to shareholders. In fact, many water stocks have extremely long histories of increasing dividends.

That means when it comes to dividend payments, there are few places in the market that can offer the safety and reliability that the water utility industry provides to investors. I recommend starting with these three top water stocks: American States Water Co. (NYSE:AWR), SJW Group (NYSE:SJW) and The York Water Company (NASDAQ:YORW)

Source: InvestorPlace

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