Dividends4Life: 2 Favorite Dividend Stocks Among Top Managers

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Each quarter, we take a look at the recent transactions of some of the top money managers around today--who we call our Ultimate Stock-Pickers. Today, we're focusing on the two dividend-paying stocks that are the most widely held among these top managers.

Seventeen of our managers own Comcast. We believe Comcast possesses a wide economic moat, largely resulting from the strength of its core cable business. The high margins on Internet access should offset the decline in the traditional television business, where margins have plunged in recent years. We think Comcast's shares are fairly valued today. Fourteen of our Ultimate Stock-Pickers own Bank of America. We assign Bank of America a wide economic moat rating. Bank of America is the second-largest U.S. money-center bank by assets and tends to have leading share and operations in many of the areas it competes.

Source: Morningstar

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