Dividends4Life: How to Choose the Best Dividend Stocks

How to Choose the Best Dividend Stocks

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With many aspects to consider, which types of equities do ultimately qualify as the best dividend stocks? Based on the information offered above, equities that offer high-yield and steadily rising qualified cash dividends with a 30% to 50% payout ratio and rising share prices should be on the top of every investor’s list of the best dividend stocks. Unfortunately, very rarely—if ever—will a single equity offer all these characteristics at the same time.

Therefore, just like investors diversify their portfolio across asset classes and industry sectors, every investor’s best dividend stocks will be a diverse group of equities that meet that specific portfolio’s long-term strategic goals. This article offers some basics to help identify the types of equities that have the potential to become the best dividend stocks over extended time horizons.

Source: Dividend Investor

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