Dividends4Life: Strong Tech Dividend Stocks to Buy with Nasdaq at Records

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Given the bullish outlook for 2021, investors likely want to add stocks to their portfolios. Yet even with talk about more money moving into cyclical industries over the last several months, technology is here to stay as it impacts every corner of the economy and touches many aspects of our daily lives. Therefore, strong, stable technology stocks that also pay a dividend should have a place in most diversified portfolios. Today, we dive into a couple of tech stocks that boast solid outlooks, alongside good fundamentals and a nice dividend yield.

Qualcomm (QCOM) is a smartphone chip making powerhouse that’s ready to benefit from the transition to 5G and more. Broadcom (AVGO) is another chip firm and its semiconductor offerings are utilized within smartphones, data centers, networking equipment, and elsewhere.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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