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2 Stocks for a Better Retirement

Posted by D4L | Monday, February 15, 2021 | | 0 comments »

Safety and tranquility are both important aspects of investing for retirement. Yes, we want stocks with meaningful upside. We also -- however -- want to own companies that we are confident can continue succeeding for the very long term. It's these dependable companies that allow us to get a good night's sleep while owning shares, and it's these companies that work well for reliably building retirement wealth. Here, we explore two rock-solid stocks that can do just that.

While revenues for ViacomCBS (NASDAQ:VIAC) (NASDAQ:VIAB) are still hampered by the pandemic -- down 9% year over year -- the trends are improving and the company is delivering elsewhere. In its most recent quarter, its reported free cash flow more than tripled year over year to roughly $1.5 billion. With an enterprise value (EV) of around $52 billion, this level of cash generation is quite notable to say the least. Despite all of the advertising drama Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) has dealt with over the years, it's still thriving. In the company's most recent quarter, sales grew 33% to $28.07 billion. Its operating margin and cash flow from operations margin both expanded briskly, and its earnings per share spiked 51% to $3.88 -- beating expectations by 19.7%.

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