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Dividend-Paying Cleaning Stocks to Buy Now

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The dividend-paying cleaning stocks to buy now amid the COVID-19 pandemic should benefit from heightened sanitary expectations by consumers and employees. Cleanliness may be viewed as less critical in the past but not anymore during nearly a year of soaring COVID-19 cases and deaths. Growing demand for disinfecting wipes, for example, has forced many stores to limit consumers from purchasing more than two canisters at a time, if they are available at all, according to Barclays. Past assumptions that commercial locations were properly sanitized and safe are not as common, and Barclays predicts that consumers will need increased visible assurances of cleanliness even after the pandemic ends.

The dividend-paying cleaning stocks to buy during the COVID-19 pandemic feature Clorox Co. (NYSE:CLX), a global manufacturer and marketer of consumer and professional cleaning and other products, said Bob Carlson, chairman of the Board of Trustees of Virginia’s Fairfax County Employees’ Retirement System with more than $4 billion in assets. Services companies like Ecolab Inc. (NYSE:ECL), of St. Paul, Minnesota, have a history of providing products for its business-to-business customers. Cintas Corp. (NASDAQ:CTAS), known mainly as a uniform rental company, has done a “nice job” in the last decade by diversifying into hygiene services to account for 10% of its total revenues. The Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG) business has developed in the past decade from its heritage in the food service marketplace, where it also marketed its then-owned Folgers & Millstone coffee brands.

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