Dividends4Life: Energy Transfer Is a High-Yield Dividend Superstar

For income-focuses investors, the proverbial Holy Grail is a company that offers good value along with a generous dividend. Energy Transfer (NYSE:ET) fits the bill on both counts as ET stock is trading at a deep discount and the dividend yield is indisputably high. That’s a very rare combination in today’s financial markets. In the wake of the novel coronavirus, many companies reduced their dividend payouts or even eliminated them altogether.

So, let’s get right to the meat of the matter. Probably the most appealing feature of ET stock is its amazing forward annual dividend yield. Currently, that figure stands at 19.2%. One way to gauge the fiscal health of a company is to determine whether than company is expanding or contracting. In the case of Energy Transfer, it’s clear that the company is in expansion mode. If you’re still worried about Energy Transfer’s generous dividend distributions, don’t be. The data strongly indicates that the company should have more than enough capital to cover the payments.

Source: InvestorPlace

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