Dividends4Life: Buy These 3 Dividend Stocks on Weakness, Say Analysts

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Sometimes, it pays to look under the hood, and see what’s really driving events – or stock potentials. And that is what several Wall Street analysts have done. In three recent reports, these analysts have highlighted stocks that all show the same combination of features: A Strong Buy consensus view, a high upside potential, a high dividend yield – and a strongly depressed share price. The analysts point to that share price weakness as an opportunity for investors. We ran the tickers through TipRanks database to find out what made these stocks compelling.

First on the list is ConocoPhillips (COP), the world’s largest oil and gas production company, with over $35 billion in annual revenues, $7 billion in annual income, and a market cap exceeding $36 billion. Next up is Baker Hughes (BKR), an oil field support services company. These are the companies that supply the tech needed to make oil well work. Last on our list is Enerplus (ERF), another exploration and production company in North America’s oil and gas market.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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