Dividends4Life: 8% Or Greater Dividend Yields And Capital Gains

Our view on these common shares is neutral. BV, for the quarter, came in pretty close to our projections. We will touch on common shares briefly. Its common shares were anything but weak over the last few weeks. The common shares significantly outperformed the sector, reflecting less concern about their risks...

ARMOUR Residential REIT (ARR) just reported their second-quarter earnings. Book value came in similar to our projections. Following the rally in ARR's share price, we have ARR at a neutral rating today. We are still maintaining a strong defensive allocation. We swapped out of CIM.PA, collecting a 9.47% return in one week. We opened a position in ARR.PC looking to find outperformance again. We don't expect to do 9.47% in a week again, but ARR.PC does appear positioned to perform well.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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