Dividends4Life: 5 Solid Stocks With Reliable Dividend and Buyback Programs

The following five dividend-paying companies have made it clear they won’t cut either their dividends or their buyback programs. That is a rarity among dividend stocks these days. Moreover, these stocks have large buyback programs, which they have either recently reaffirmed or increased. Dividend stocks, that have large buyback programs, tend to do well over time.

As the chart on the right shows, Oracle (NYSE:ORCL) has a dividend yield of almost 2% and a buyback yield of 9.4%. This means that the total yield to investors is 11.4%. Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) is a solid dividend-paying company. The stock yields 1.4% and the company’s buybacks represent 1.6% of its market value. So the total yield to investors is 3.0%. World Fuel Services (NYSE:INT) announced that it would continue paying a regular 10 cents per share quarterly dividend. This gives INT stock a 1.7% dividend yield. In addition, INT said it would buy $200 million of its own shares. This buyback program represents almost 12% of its total market value. So the total yield to investors is over 13.7% of its shares. ConocoPhillips (NYSE:COP) stock is very cheap. COP stock sports a 5.8% dividend yield, plus an 8.6% buyback yield. This gives it a total yield of over 14%. eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY) stock is very cheap. The chart at the right shows that the dividend yield is 2.1%, but the buyback yield is an astounding 20.4%. This gives EBAT stock a very high 22.5% total yield.

Source: InvestorPlace

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