Dividends4Life: 5 Monthly Closed-End Funds Yielding Up to 15.6%

5 Monthly Closed-End Funds Yielding Up to 15.6%

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Different funds follow different strategies. But thanks to the growing demand for yield, issuers have released a growing number of income funds in recent years. And to help savers better match their investment income with their monthly expenses, many of these securities pay on a monthly basis. How can you beat that? To help get you started, I’ve highlighted a few of my favorite closed-end funds below. To be clear, the list here doesn’t represent a series of “buy” recommendations. It does, however, present a great starting point for further research...

Stone Harbor Emerging Markets Income Fund (NYSE:EDF) yields 15.6%. Highland Global Allocation Fund (NYSE:HGLB) yields 11.1%. Alpine Global Premier Properties Fund (NYSE:AWP) yields 7.2%. New America High Income Fund Inc. (NYSE:HYB) yields 7.2%. Tekla Healthcare Opportunities Fund (NYSE:THQ) yields 7.1%. Closed-end funds work in much the same way as the plain-Jane exchange-traded funds (ETFs) you might be more familiar with. These investment partnerships buy portfolios of securities that you can trade pieces of on the public stock market. So in one shot, you can own a diversified portfolio of assets without having to research individual stocks yourself.

Source: Income Investors

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