Dividends4Life: Shareholders Are Loving C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:CHRW) 2.6% Yield

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Today we’ll take a closer look at C.H. Robinson Worldwide, Inc. (NASDAQ:CHRW) from a dividend investor’s perspective. Owning a strong business and reinvesting the dividends is widely seen as an attractive way of growing your wealth. If you are hoping to live on the income from dividends, it’s important to be a lot more stringent with your investments than the average punter. A 2.6% yield is nothing to get excited about, but investors probably think the long payment history suggests C.H. Robinson Worldwide has some staying power. The company also bought back stock during the year, equivalent to approximately 2.9% of the company’s market capitalisation at the time.

When we look at a dividend stock, we need to form a judgement on whether the dividend will grow, if the company is able to maintain it in a wide range of economic circumstances, and if the dividend payout is sustainable. First, we like that the company’s dividend payments appear well covered, although the retained capital also needs to be effectively reinvested. That said, we were glad to see it growing earnings and paying a fairly consistent dividend. Overall, we think there are a lot of positives to C.H. Robinson Worldwide from a dividend perspective. Companies that are growing earnings tend to be the best dividend stocks over the long term.

Source: Simply Wall St.

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