Dividends4Life: 7%-8% Yields Worth Checking Out - One With Insider Buying

Dividend Growth Stocks News

The yields are 7.37% and 7.83%. Recent insider purchases of 135,000 shares, worth ~$3.5M. Upside potential, valuations, financials also detailed. Two alternative high-yield trades also are discussed - annualized yields of 9% to 16%.

If you're looking for an opportunity to "invest like an insider," you may want to take a look at Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors LLC (FTAI), one of whose directors shelled out ~$3.5M for 135,000 shares in September for FTAI's preferred A series shares, (FTAI.PA). Another dividend stock worth taking a look at is Iron Mountain (IRM), which, at 7.37%, is among the top five dividend yields in the S&P 500.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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