Dividends4Life: Nibbling At The Edges For 10% To 14% Yields

Nibbling At The Edges For 10% To 14% Yields

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AAPL's current yield is only 1.20%, but you can do much better on a short-term basis. We detail three high-yield trades with 10% to 13.75% yields annualized. Analysts' upgrades, price targets, earnings estimates are detailed. Apple's earnings growth by segment, valuations, and financials also are analyzed.

Apple (AAPL) has been on a royal tear this year, rising 63% so far in 2019, vs. 22.88% for the S&P 500 and ~37% for the Technology Select SPDR Fund. AAPL has a good five-year dividend growth rate of 10.84% and a modest 25.57% dividend payout ratio. It just went ex-dividend this week and should go ex-dividend next on ~2/7/20. It pays in a Feb/May/Aug./November sequence .As strong as AAPL is, though, the problem for income investors is its very low yield of 1.19% is even lower than T-Bill rates.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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