Dividends4Life: Future Dividend Aristocrat, 6.7% Yield, 61 Hikes, $9 Billion In Growth Projects

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This company's management has raised the quarterly distribution 71 straight quarters, 22 straight years - it will be a Dividend Aristocrat in the future. It yields 6.7% with 1.7X coverage, in addition to retaining over $2B for growth projects. It has $9B in growth projects in 2019 - 2021.

One of the grand daddies of the midstream energy industry, Enterprise Products Partners (EPD), is one of the largest market cap firms in that space. Analysts and the financial media have often pointed to EPD as one of the best-managed midstream companies, but over the past few years, Mr. Market hasn't been that impressed. This negative market sentiment is more likely a function of the boom and bust cycles of the Energy Patch than a comment on EPD's management, which has steadily utilized a conservative approach to its capital management.

Source: Seeking Alpha

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