Dividends4Life: Best Dividend Stocks: $1,000 Turned Into $180,000, Safely

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Long-time readers know I’m a big fan of the insurance industry because of one quirk in their business model. Customers always pay premiums upfront, sometimes years before they ever file a claim. In the meantime, insurance companies can invest the cash as they please—pocketing any interest, dividends, and capital gains. Think of it as an interest-free loan. No other business in the world enjoys this kind of advantage...

It’s the “best dividend stock you never heard of.” That’s how I described niche insurer RLI Corp (NYSE:RLI) when I wrote about it in my paid advisory Passive Monthly Income. The company ranks as one of the top income stocks in history, with 44 years of consecutive dividend increases. That has, as you can probably imagine, resulted in jaw-dropping returns. If you had invested $1,000 back in 1988, your position would have grown to over $180,000 today. Yet I’d bet 99 out of 100 people have never heard of this company.

Source: Income Investors

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